You might often hear questions like that regarding your job. For bank consultants or insurance agents those questions might be easy to answer, because everyone knows what bank consultants or insurance agents usually do. For me, it is difficult to even find a name for my job. IT administrator sounds like network, PCs, Server, etc. That might not fit exactly. Process management could also be a lot of stuff which maybe isn't related to IT or certain IT tools at all. If I tell somebody that I work as an administrator with Jira and Confluence, it depends on the person I am telling this, how the conversation continues:

  1. Case: The other person has never heard of Jira and Confluence and rightly asks what that is.
  2. Case: The other person knows about Atlassian Tools, works with it or at least knows what that is.

In the first case I always explain what Jira and Confluence are and what you can do with those tools. However, this isn't that easy sometimes. If we take Jira for example, all of the following statements are true:

Jira is

  • a software for (agile) project management
  • a ticket system
  • a tool to implement business processes
  • a tool for automation and digitalization

As those statements are all true, I think it is difficult to find words to describe what Jira is and what you can do with it. In those moments I always would like to show some examples or suggest a blog in the internet where all this can be followed up.

In the second case, if the other person knows Atlassian and the tools, the basic explanation can be skipped. But that doesn't simplify the explanation what I am doing the whole day. Usually, people have a certain understanding of the tools, which comes from their knowledge of the tools and how they work with it. That can be an entire understanding of all the functionality of the software or just a little piece of what is generally possible.

In order to extend this understanding and to describe generally what Jira and Confluence are and what the tools can be used for, I would like to share some information on it in the upcoming posts.