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We help you with our solutions to use your Atlassian tools efficiently and enhance their functionality. With customized development, consulting and training, we want to share our knowledge and experience to enable our cutomers to use the whole potential of the great Atlassian toolchain.



One great "feature" of Atlassian tools is that they are open for individual development and improvements. You can figure out in Atlassian Marketplace (LINK) what we did so far in that area. However, if you have individual requirements and needs, that couldn't be fulfilled by an app on the marketplace, we are happy to help and provide an individual solution.


The decision which tool to use for what and the configuration might become complex, especially if you need a solution tailored to your company processes. We help you with that decision and on your way to a smooth running, efficiently used Atlassian setup. We achieve that by sharing our knowledge and experience regarding environment, infrastructure, databases, tool configuration or user interface. If there is one thing we learned in many years working with Atlassian software, it is that there is always a solution...


Configuration of Atlassian software can become complex and especially in large instances it is mostly far from being trivial. With our trainings we want to empower admins to resolve configuration problems on their own and share our experiences and knowledge. But training is not only required for admins and developers. Also users need to learn how to work with the tools so the expected improvements of company processes become reality. We provide trainings on different levels and for various target groups to share knowledge and empower users to experience all the benefits from Atlassian tools.

Epic Clone

With the Epic Clone app for Jira server, data center, and cloud you get the additional functionality to clone an epic together with all issues in that epic. Additionally, you can modify epic and issues in epic and clone to other projects.

Atlassian Marketplace Documentation

Project Milestones for Jira

The app adds a project page to each Jira project where you can define, plan and schedule milestones that need to be accomplished. Especially long-running projects can be split to several phases to improve project management and progress tracking. The app is useful for classic project management, agile software development, as well as service management projects.

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User Absence Planner

User Absence Planner for Jira server and data center allows users to add planned absence times like holidays or business trip to their Jira user profile and optionally add a message for those absences.

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about us

ij-solutions is a software development and consulting company, founded by two people who work with Atlassian tools on a daily basis. With our apps and solutions we want to provide help with problems and drawbacks that come up in certain situations when implementing and refining the Atlassian tools in an organization. The ideas for our apps come with our experience as developer and administrator. We want to achieve that collaborating in a team, department or organization becomes even more efficient when using the Atlassian tools.

  • ij-solutions is now Atlassian Silver Marketplace Partner!

    We are thrilled to share this fantastic achievement with our amazing community of customers and partners from around the world. This recognition is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and expertise of our small but mighty team at ij-solutions. Read more...

  • Codegeist 2022: We did it again!

    Also this year, we participated in Codegeist, the yearly hackathon hosted by Atlassian. Part of our submission was to tell the story about us and Forge, beginning with the first tests of migrating a server app to the cloud, up until this years Codegeist submission. You can find the blog post here. Enjoy reading.

  • Atlassian Blog Post: Moving on-premise apps to Cloud

    Together with other partners we got interviewed by Atlassian about our experiences developing the Cloud versions of our apps. You can find the results in this blog post. Enjoy reading.

  • Blog Restart: We moved it again!

    Our blog has been moved and is now available here. We are back on Confluence, now in the cloud. We hope we can find the time to write more frequent posts in the future. Stay tuned and have a look at our new blog.

  • Blog Posts 2020: Still there!

    The posts from 2020 are still available on this website. Here you can find the old posts: Link



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