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We help you with our solutions to use your Atlassian tools efficiently and enhance their functionality. With customized development, consulting and training, we want to share our knowledge and experience to enable our cutomers to use the whole potential of the great Atlassian toolchain.



One great "feature" of Atlassian tools is that they are open for individual development and improvements. You can figure out in Atlassian Marketplace (LINK) what we did so far in that area. However, if you have individual requirements and needs, that couldn't be fulfilled by an app on the marketplace, we are happy to help and provide an individual solution.


The decision which tool to use for what and the configuration might become complex, especially if you need a solution tailored to your company processes. We help you with that decision and on your way to a smooth running, efficiently used Atlassian setup. We achieve that by sharing our knowledge and experience regarding environment, infrastructure, databases, tool configuration or user interface. If there is one thing we learned in many years working with Atlassian software, it is that there is always a solution...


Configuration of Atlassian software can become complex and especially in large instances it is mostly far from being trivial. With our trainings we want to empower admins to resolve configuration problems on their own and share our experiences and knowledge. But training is not only required for admins and developers. Also users need to learn how to work with the tools so the expected improvements of company processes become reality. We provide trainings on different levels and for various target groups to share knowledge and empower users to experience all the benefits from Atlassian tools.

  • Duplicate Epic
    With the Duplicate Epic app for Jira server you get the additional functionality to duplicate an epic together with all issues in that epic. The standard clone functionality in Jira only lets you clone the epic issue with (optionally) attachments, links or sub-tasks. Issues which are linked to the epic by the epic link field can't be cloned together with the epic within the same clone process.

    Atlassian Marketplace Documentation

  • Epic Clone
    With the Epic Clone app for Jira server you get the additional functionality to clone an epic together with all issues in that epic. Additionally, the app provides the possibility to modify the epics and issue to be cloned. So, template epics can be created and reused in various other Jira projects. Besides the target project, it can be decided individually, which issues in epic shall be cloned and several fields like original estimate, summary, epic name, assignee, due date or fix version/s can be modified.

    Atlassian Marketplace Documentation

about us

ij-solutions is a software development and consulting company, founded by two people who work with Atlassian tools on a daily basis. With our apps and solutions we want to provide help with problems and drawbacks that come up in certain situations when implementing and refining the Atlassian tools in an organization. The ideas for our apps come with our experience as developer and administrator. We want to achieve that collaborating in a team, department or organization becomes even more efficient when using the Atlassian tools.

  • blog post #1 - February 2020: What are you doing the whole day?

    You might often hear questions like that regarding your job. For bank consultants or insurance agents those questions might be easy to answer, because everyone knows what bank consultants or insurance agents usually do. For me, it is difficult to even find a name for my job. IT administrator sounds like network, PCs, Server, etc. That might not fit exactly... read more

  • blog post #2 - March 2020: Confluence - just a wiki or a lot more?

    This post is about Confluence, a software by Atlassian.

    Atlassian describes Confluence as an "open and shared workspace". This is a very general description which makes sense, because Confluence can be used for so many things... read more

  • blog post #3 - April 2020: Jira - more than a tool supporting project management for software development

    After writing on Confluence in the last post, this one is about Jira.

    At the beginning, we will again have a look how Atlassian describes Jira. On the official Website you can find: "Jira Software is built for every member of your software team to plan, track, and release great software." That indicates very clearly where it is coming from. Jira was initially developed to support project management for software development... read more

  • blog post #4 - June 2020: Changes in IT process support

    Today, I would like to write about processes, how they changed over time and what that has to do with the support by IT tools. I did a short talk about this which can be found here.
    Change of Process Pace... read more

  • blog post #5 - September 2020: How Jira can help to avoid mistakes

    How could Jira help to avoid mistakes? As an example we look at the email communication with suppliers or customers. In many cases group- or department mail addresses as for example or are used. External business partners can write to those addresses and several employees from the respective department have access to the mailbox to work on and answer those messages... read more

  • blog post #6 - October 2020: Comment on announcement of end of support for the Atlassian server products

    Atlassian announced on 16th of October that they will end support of their server tool stack latest February 2024. As many colleagues and companies in the Atlassian Ecosystem I would like to share my thoughts on this decision here as well... read more



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